Cat number Product name Quantity Price    
0120 Base Leg Assembly (for Countertop Station) ----Eur
0121 Base Leg Assembly with Cabinet (for Countertop Station) ----Eur
0150 Camera Mount Facility ----Eur
0152 Cassette Holders ----Eur
0153 Container with Spigot, Formalin ----Eur
0159 Dissecting Board, White ----Eur
0162 Exhaust Duct to Building System ----Eur
0164 Eyewash Assembly ----Eur
0167 Filter, Activated Carbon ----Eur
0168 Filter, Potassium Permanganate ----Eur
0170 Flammable Storage Cabinet ----Eur
0175 Forms Holder ----Eur
0176 Full Perimeter Rinse ----Eur
0177 Glove Box Holder ----Eur
0178 Halogen Lights, Flex Arm ----Eur
0182 Instrument Holder, Magnetic ----Eur
0190 Monitor & Keyboard Stand, Standard Grade ----Eur
0196 Paper Towel Holder, C-Fold ----Eur
0200 Rinse, Dissecting Area ----Eur
0201 Removable Ruler, 24", Stainless Steel ----Eur
0203 Scale, Economy Grade ----Eur
0204 Scale, Digital ----Eur
0205 Seismic Anchoring Kit ----Eur
0206 Shelving_Cabinets, Stainless Steel ----Eur
0207 Side Splashes ----Eur
0208 Splash Shield, Plexiglas ----Eur
0210 Spray Hose Assembly ----Eur
0215 Trash Container, Ventilated ----Eur
0217 Utility Drawer ----Eur
0219 Valve, Air ----Eur
0220 Valve, Gas ----Eur
0224 Video Camera Arm ----Eur
0226 Video or Dictation Mounts ----Eur
0228 Voice-Activated Dictation ----Eur
0230 Writing Platform, Pull-Out ----Eur
0305 Elevating Grossing Station w_Infrared Controls, 230VAC ----Eur
0306 Elevating Grossing Station without Infrared Controls, 230VAC ----Eur
0307 Non-elevating Grossing Station w_Infrared Controls, 230VAC ----Eur
0308 Non-elevating Grossing Station without Infrared Controls, 230VAC ----Eur
0310 Countertop Work Station, 230VAC ----Eur
0311 Elevating Countertop Work Station, 230VAC ----Eur
0315 Pathology Work Station, 230VAC ----Eur
0317 Grossing Station with Rear Exhaust, 230VAC ----Eur
0319 Perimeter Exhaust Grossing Station, 230VAc ----Eur
0330 Grossing Station with Downdraft Wing, 230VAC ----Eur
0335 Grossing Station, Island Configuration, 230VAC ----Eur
0337 Tissue-Tek ----Eur
0338 Tissue-Tek ----Eur
0354 Disposal, 0.65 HP, 230VAC ----Eur
0372 Formalin Dispense_Collect System, 230VAC ----Eur