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Friday, 29 March 2013 10:22

Pictures under a microscope that will amaze you

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While providing a thorough overview of the observed objects, optical microscopes are limited by so-called. diffraction barrier, why microscope can not distinguish two separate objects if they are at a distance of less than about 200 nm. This microscope is not simple, says Gizmodo.

Combining powerful optics and advanced algorithms to recreate the image, DeltaVision OMX Blaze General Electric Company allows us to peer into the microscopic world and remain amazed by it.

Established in 2011, DeltaVision OMX Blaze worth 1.2 million dollars. "Some of us jokingly started calling him OMG, after seeing images that can produce it," says Jane Stout of the Medical Faculty of the University of Indiana in Bloomington.

In footage shown here winning Elestric General Healthcare Life Sciences 2012 Imaging Competition.

hek293 cells expressing fluorescent gpcr  green  and   -arrestin  red  fusion proteins with dna staining  blue . therapeutic focus drug discovery gentaur




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