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Monday, 11 March 2013 15:26

Cell Line Gene Modification

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Cell line gene modification is a versatile genetic tool for studying gene function, designing diseases models, biopharmaceutical research, drug discovery and many other applications.

Gene targeting is primarily performed in embryonic stem (ES) cells for the purpose of generating knock-out mice. However, targeted gene modification in cultured cell lines can be a considerably easier and more rapid approach of creating valuable research models. Customized gene-targeted mammalian cell lines are a cheap and convenient model system that can be used for many applications in research and drug discovery, including gene function studies and high-throughput screening.

With strong expertise in genetic modification, gene targeting and cell culture, Targatt can help you to make your customized gene modified cell line. We specialized in both adherent and suspension cell culture. We have many traditional mammalian cell lines in stock and we can also adapt our established targeting techniques to less commonly used cell lines. With a great variety of tools for cell line gene modification in place we have successfully generated gene-targeted clonal lines even from hard-to-transfect cells.

Available Gene Modification Strategies (selected):

  • Knock-in/knock-out
  • Gene replacement
  • Gene editing
  • Gene therapy
  • Mutagenesis

Each project is individually devised and realized. Our service includes an initial project assessment based on your model requirements. A dedicated PhD level project manager will discuss available gene targeting methods, vector design strategies and special culture requirements with you. After targeting we will clonally expand and cryopreserve several stable transgenic cell lines. Upon request we can expand the clones further on a large scale for high-throughput assays.

Applications (selected)

  • - Recombinant protein production in CHO cells
  • - Disease model in human cell lines for drug discovery
  • - Gene therapy in diseased cell line
  • - Generation of a specific cell line with TARGATT docking site as a master cell line for site-specific gene knock-in reporter cell line for gene function studies


Targatt also offers additional services wtihin our cell line models line including TARGATT Gene Insertion.

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