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TARGATT Knockin Mice - Stem Cells Products

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targatt-stemcells-knockin-mouse-1TARGATT Embryos

Using our novel TARGATT system, a gene of interest can be specifically inserted at a well-characterized, transcriptionally-active locus in the mouse genome with guaranteed transgene expression. Tissue-specific and / or ubiquitous expression options are available.


Advantages of TARGATT technology:

  1. Site-specific gene integration at a transcriptionally-active locus ensures high-level gene expression.
  2. Integration happens at an intergenic region; no internal genes are disrupted.
  3. The integrase system catalyzes a unidirectional integration event and results in a high efficiency in producing transgenic mice.
  4. Gene integration at the same locus allows a precise comparison of the transgenics from one line to another.


targatt-stemcells-knockin-mouse-2TARGATT Kits

TARGATT Supporting Materials



Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts (MEF)

targatt-stemcells-knockin-mouse-3  CF-1
  SNL (STO feeder cells)

SNL (STO feeder cells)


Cell Culture Products

  Germline-tested & ESC-qualified FBS
  Specialty Media
  Basal Media (DMEM)
  Stem Cell Growth and Differentiation Factors
  ASC Small Molecules
  3D Culture and Expansion System











ESC/iPSC Characterization

  Pluripotency Protein Markers                   Stem Cell Gene Array
 targatt-stemcells-knockin-mouse-6    targatt-stemcells-knockin-mouse-7

●  Pluripotency mRNA Markers
●  Components


ESC/iPSC Differentiation

  Neural Differentiation
  Dendritic Cell (DC) Generation

ES/iPS Cell Lines

Mouse ES Cell Lines                                 Human iPS Cells

targatt-stemcells-knockin-mouse-8   targatt-stemcells-knockin-mouse-9

Cell Depository

Primary Cell, cDNA, RNA (Normal)

targatt-stemcells-knockin-mouse-10  Endocrine
  Skeletal Muscle

Primary Cell, cDNA, RNA (Disease)

  Blood Disorders
  Neurological Disorders
  Degenerative Disorders
  Metabolic Disorders
  Cardiovascular Disorders
  Congenital Disorders
  Endocrine Disorders
  Autoimmune Disorders
  Genetic Disorders
  Muscular Disorders
  Oncogenic Disorders

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Read more about Targatt gene modification here

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