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Friday, 03 October 2014 16:09

Stem cells can overcome the blindness

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gentaur stem cellsMacular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. It affects one in five people 75 years of age.
The loss of vision is closely related to the aging process. The infringement is not seen so much as an actual condition, but rather as an inevitable part of aging.
New discovery by scientists from the UK, however, may soon change this data.
Researchers from the University of Southampton, UK, identified a unique type of stem cells in the eye that can be converted into photovoltaic cells. What is more important is that have the potential to turn the processes associated with blindness due to macular degeneration.
Affected by the condition suffer from blurred and "distorted" vision before it completely disappears. To a large extent the cause lies in the loss of photoreceptor cells - cells that require light. In this study, the team of researchers found a way to replace these lost cells and reverse the effects of the condition.
Right on the front surface of the eye - between the cornea and sclera, is an area where stem cells have been shown to "behave" as photoreceptor when they are in a suitable environment.
For the moment, this environment can be created only in the laboratory. Since stem cells exist in the eyes throughout life, it is believed that with more research in this area, they can be used in future therapies for the treatment of blindness caused by macular degeneration.

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