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Thursday, 22 May 2014 09:46

Stem cell therapy cure heart

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Innovative stem cell therapy shows promise in treating cardiovascular disease , reports The Cochrane Library.gentaur stem cells
It was developed by scientists from London and will be used in addition to conventional treatment methods. By her doctors of stem cells from the bone marrow of the patient, which will then be injected into the damaged heart.
It is believed that they release the chemical signals that increase activity of the stem cells of the heart. The therapy is used mainly for the treatment of chronic heart failure and coronary artery disease .
So far, the experiments offer hope that this technique znaitelno reduce deaths from heart trouble .
Cardiovascular disease affects many people , the age limit drops more and more . They are the leading cause of death globally.
According to the World Health Organization cardiovascular disease die each year over 17 million people. This equates to 30% of global deaths a year. Of these, nearly 7 million were due to coronary heart disease, and about 9 million deaths are related in one way or another with high blood pressure.
WHO forecasts are cardiovascular diseases remain the leading cause of mortality in the coming decades. Expected mortality of them exceeded 23 million a year by 2030

Implementation of the type of treatment , including stem cells would improve and prolong the lives of patients with a heart condition .

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