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Thursday, 15 May 2014 16:07

Discovered a gene that increases intelligence

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Gentaur new geneU.S. scientists have identified a gene in the gray matter of the brain, which they say is responsible for intelligence.
These are proteins called " Clotho " which raises brain skills and increases IQ by six points , regardless of the age of the person.
Researchers examined the cerebral cortex.
According to previous studies cortical thickness is closely related to mental abilities , memory, attention , perceptual awareness , thought and language , but so far there is no evidence exactly which genes are associated with these laws .
It turns out that " Clotho " is a powerful stimulant of learning , thinking and memory. This is because the protein increases the strength of connections between nerve cells in the brain.
Scientists hope that this discovery will help in the treatment and prevention of various types of dementia.
They found that " Clotho " plays a key role in many processes related to starenieto . It is directly related to life expectancy and susceptibility to stroke.
Where in this gene has been observed a defect , people start aging prematurely, but when it is stimulated , life could be extended by a few years , while slow bone loss , prevents blood clots occur on and improves overall health of the elderly .
Scientists warn that no matter how miraculous it seems this gene probably causes some side effects in the body.
During the experiment, they noticed that individuals whose lives went on , proved to much smaller capacities for multiplication.
It is also likely " Clotho " cause predisposition to disease of diabetes .

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