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Thursday, 24 April 2014 16:10

Montage Opus, Antigen Retrieval System

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Gentaur Antigen Retrieval System

Gentaur offers a compact and efficient platform for Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval (HIER). Heat induced epitope retrieval pretreatment has become a common practice in the immunohistochemistry procedure to improve the quality of staining by modifying the molecular conformation of ‘target’ proteins through exposure of slide-mounted tissue specimen to a heated buffer solution. Appropriate use of heat and pressure along with suitable buffer solutions is of the extreme importance for consistent immunohistochemistry staining.

Montage Opus™ Benefits

  • Ensures crisp and clean staining
  • Provides consistent and reliable results
  • Increases staining efficiency
  • 72 Slide Staining Capacity

Montage Opus™ Specifications

Color Black
Weight 12.7 lbs.
Dimensions 12.8 x 12 x 14.3 inches
Electrical 120V
Slide Capacity 72 slides / run

Montage Opus™ Accessories

Each Montage Opus™ Unit includes:

  • 3- Plastic Slide Dishes
  • 3- 24 Slide Rack
  • 1- Metal Stand
  • 1- Montage 10X EDTA AR Solution (Cat No: K 038-500AN)
  • 1- Montage 10X Citrate AR Solution (Cat No: K 035-500AN)


Price: 775

Download datasheet:  Montage Opus


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