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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 09:32

The deadliest substance in the world is now found

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Scientists have discovered the most poisonous substance known to man to date. However, for the first time, the scientific community decided to keep secret the details of his discovery, as yet not found an antidote to the dangerous substance.
According to the experts, the inhalation of substances produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum of only 2 billion per gram can kill an adult.

Toxicant blocking acetylcholine release from nerve cells, responsible for the operation of the muscles. If by chance the substance gets into the body with food, and this can happen, because the bacteria often grow in food - Man Gets botulism and die in a short time from paralysis.

Botulism is typically treated by means of antibodies which are produced artificially. They react to seven known type of disease known to experts from A to G. However, scientists from the California Department of Public Health in Sacramento said they found eight toxin type - H. Toxic substance found in the stool of a child in which they observed the characteristic symptoms of the terrible disease. And, unfortunately, currently not found a way to combat the new disease.

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