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Monday, 05 August 2013 11:37

BB50-AU Bullet Blender 50 Gold

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bullet blender homogenizer gentaur antibodiesThe Bullet Blender Gold 50 combines dry ice cooling to keep samples near 4°C, noise insulation to keep homogenization quiet, and extra-powerful homogenization for tough samples. This homogenizer for tissue or cell cultures, can process up to 8 samples in parallel, each sample up to 3.5 g each in a 50 mL tube (Axygen® or Corning® brand 50 mL self standing tube with plug-seal cap).

Includes the following:

The Bullet Blender® Gold
Operator's manual
Basic starter kit which includes:
Bead Sample Pack BSP-50B contains 20mL centrifuge tubes of several different types of beads
Spoon for dispensing beads***

Cat.No: BB50-AU

Price: 4985 Euro


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