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Wednesday, 10 July 2013 09:39

New Antimicrobials and Cell Biology Reagents

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Check out the newest antimicrobials and cell biology reagents below.


antimicrobials gentaurEthambutol DiHCl (E005) - anti-tubercular antibiotic, inhibits cell wall synthesis in Mycobacterium species.

Cefmetazole sodium (C052) - broad spectrum, second generation cephalosporin. 

Cefotetan disodium (C117) - cephamycin antibiotic, especially effective against anaerobic bacteria. 

Thiostrepton, Ultrapure (T042) - cyclic peptide antibiotic, inhibits protein synthesis. Thiostrepton, ultrapure is >98.0% pure. 


Cell Biology Reagents

cell biology reagents gentaurAvermectin B1a, EvoPure® (A063) - Macrocycline lactone used in agricultural and veterinary applications as an insecticide and anti-parasitic agent, respectively.

Omeprazole (O011) - Antacid compound which inhibits enzymes that aid in gastric acid secretion.

Paclitaxel (P045) - Anti-tumor agent active in the G2/M growth phase during mitosis.

Zymosan A (Z001) - Stimulates TLR-2, an immunologic receptor which recognizes surface proteins in bacteria.


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