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Wednesday, 06 February 2013 15:35

RunBlue DTT Reducer - 1ml

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Catalog number : NXA32001 
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Details: All RunBlue Buffers, Reagents and Accessories have been specifically designed and formulated for use with the RunBlue Gels and Apparatus to provide optimum performance and results.  Buffers are made usiong the highest qualtiy raw chemicals and have different compositions to other manufacturers buffers - only use RunBlue formulated buffers with RunBlue Gels.

RunBlue RAPID Running Buffer is a Reducing, Tris-MOPS buffer system which provides a seperation similar to a conventional MES buffer system and provides excellent separation of low molecular weight proteins.  The RunBlue SDS Running Buffer is a Non-Reducing Tris-Tricine buffer system which provides a separation similar to a conventional MOPS buffer system and provides increased separation of higher molecular weight proteins.  Simply choose which buffer will provide the greatest resolution for your protein(s) of interest - see image below.

SDS-vs-RAPID-Buffers Plain

Included with the reagents are RunBlue Prestained Markers.  These protein standards have been conjugaded to dyes to enable visualisation of the marker bands in the tank and prior to staining to allow you to see where your protein has reached (very useful for very small proteins!).  In addition, the RunBluePrestain Markers contain two standards (71 & 28 kDa) that have been conjugated to an orange dye to easily see which marker is which during running.

RunBlue Prestained Markers also offer a quick and convenient method to confirm transfer efficiency when blotting and to compare molecular weight with identity when labelling the protein band.


 Price: 50 EUR

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