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Monday, 17 June 2013 11:11

Vaccine against smoking?!

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Smoking624Nicotine degradation before reaching the heart and brain, innovative vaccine greatly reduces dependence on nicotine products, taking away the pleasant effects of their use.

Smoking is a difficult habit to quit. It has been shown that the pharmacological and behavioral aspects of this, there is still a form of legal drugs, are similar to those of addiction to cocaine and heroin. But if you did not initially develop an addiction?

Researchers from the Medical College of Cornell University, New York, have developed a drug that inhibits the effects of nicotine intoxication. Although it is only 0.6 to 3% by dry weight of most tobacco, nicotine is a very potent drug. Once entered in the blood, it needs 10 to 20 seconds to pass the blood-brain barrier. Despite this his speed, nicotine is powerless before the new detergent. The vaccine stimulates the liver to produce significant quantities of antibodies that destroy the nicotine molecule almost as soon as it enters the bloodstream. So totally disappears relaxing and calming effect of a cigarette.

Similar mechanism therapies have long existed, but have a huge disadvantage - including regular, weekly administration of a cocktail of drugs that have very adverse effects and should be combined with immunosuppressants. The new product is applied only once and ensure sustainable long-term effects. The tool can be used both for prevention in young people at risk who would succumb to the habit, and in heavy smokers, have exhausted all other alternatives to combat addiction.

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