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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 14:19

NATtrol CT.NG Panel

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NATtrol™ CT.NG Panel (NATCT.NGP-C) is formulated with purified, intact bacterial particles that have been chemically modified to render them non-infectious and refrigerator stable*. NATCT.NGP-C panel contains 17 x 1.2 mL vials each containing the bacterial NATtrol™ targets listed in the Expected Results. These controls are  supplied in a purified protein matrix that mimics the composition of a true clinical specimen. *NATtrol™ Patents Pending

- NATtrol™ CT.NG Panel is designed to evaluate the performance of nucleic acid tests for determination of the presence bacterial DNA. NATCT.NGP-C can also be used for verification of clinical assays, development of diagnostic tests and training of laboratory personnel.
- NATCT.NGP-C contains intact organisms and should be run in a manner identical to that used
for clinical specimens.

- NATtrol™ inactivation was carried out on each member in the panel. The inactivation was verified by the absence of bacterial growth in a validated growth protocol.
- The purified protein matrix was manufactured from materials that were screened and found to be negative for HIV 1&2 Ab, HBsAg, HTLV I&II Ab, HCV Ab, HIV RNA, HBV DNA and HCV RNA using FDA cleared kits at the single donor level.

Catalog #: NATCT.NGP-C

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