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Thursday, 09 May 2013 14:38

25OH Vitamin D Total, ELISA, 96 tests

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The Gentaur 25OH Vitamin D Total ELISA is a solid phase Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay performed on microtiterplates. During a first 2 hours incubation step, at room temperature, total 25OH Vitamin D (D2 and D3) present in calibrators, controls and samples is dissociated from binding serum proteins to fix on binding sites of a specific monoclonal antibody. After 1 washing step, a fixed amount of 25OH Vitamin D-labelled with biotin in presence of horseradish peroxidise (HRP), compete with unlabelled 25OH Vitamin D2 and 25OH Vitamin D3 present on the binding sites of the specific monoclonal antibody. After a 30 minutes incubation at room temperature, the microtiterplate is washed to stop the competition reaction. The Chromogenic solution (TMB) is added and incubated for 15 minutes. The reaction is stopped with the addition of Stop Solution and the microtiterplate is then read at the appropriate wavelength. The amount of substrate turnover is determined colourimetrically by measuring the absorbance, which is inversely proportional to the total 25OH Vitamin D (D2 and D3) concentration. A calibration curve is plotted and the total 25OH Vitamin D (D2 and D3) concentrations of the samples are determined by dose interpolation from the calibration curve.


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Technical spec.:

Catalog # KAP1971
Format ELISA
Label HRP
Size 96 tests
Sample Type Serum
Sample Volume 50 µL
Controls 2 levels
Range 0-180 ng/mL
Sensitivity 1,4 ng/mL
Incubation 120min./30 min./15 min
Shelf Life (weeks) 32

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