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    gentaur-lymphoma-inhibitor-peptide-e.coli-mapk-tissue-identify-cytokine-activated-lymphomaSwiss scientists have developed a new protein structure, which may improve the efficacy of drugs. New synthetic amino acid can be used to create entirely new drugs.
    Development of new and effective drugs is a feat for many researchers. Until now, most drugs based on the basis of amino acid obtained naturally. These include insulin hormone, vancomycin and the like.
    There are a variety of peptides and proteins, but only 20 different amino acids. They form a unique structure when they are "stacked" together. The synthetic structure created by the Swiss researcher is similar to that of cysteine ​​- sulfuric amino acid. Synthetic however is significantly more efficient.
    Disease attack appear more and more people. It takes more effective drugs that can handle the increasing resistance. Like the natural chemical structures may create such a new and improved treatment of various diseases.

    Cysteine ​​can form a bridge to the cysteine ​​amino acid found in it, thereby creating 3D structure. The new amino acid, however, can form two bridges, when coupled with other similar amino acid cysteine​​.
    Laboratory tests revealed that the newly synthesized amino acid is eight times more efficient and fight disease by 40-fold higher speed in comparison with a naturally occurring amino acid cysteine.

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    Treatment of various diseases of the blood and immune system is about to be discovered by scientists that reveal the mystery of the origin of stem cells.
    gentau rrabbitelisatargattaccupowerelisakitsassaykitscellAvstraliyskoro study was conducted by the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Monash University, Melbourne. It first establishes a mechanism that "unlocks" the body in the formation of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC).
    These cells are found in bone marrow and umbilical cord and are extremely important because they can "feed" the stock of blood cells in the body. Patients with leukemia have been successfully treated with HSC transplantation. Medical experts, however, believe that they can come into wider use.
    According to the lead researcher - Prof. Peter Curry, understanding the way the HSC is samopodnovyavat to fill blood cells is the "Holy Grail" of stem cell biology.
    Hematopoietic stem cells are the best therapeutic agent, since they can produce any cell in the body, said Curry, adding that they could be used for the treatment of severe blood diseases. But before that you need to understand how they emerge.
    During this study, researchers observed cells in the developing zebra fish - tropical freshwater fish known for its regenerative abilities and optically visible embryos.
    Using a microscope with high resolution scientists capture the manner in which the cells grow. The process of their formation is captured in dramatic detail.
    Observations found that HSC need a "friendly" type of cell that help their formation. Metaphorically, the researchers explain that these cells serve as a comfortable sofa where HSC accommodate. Researchers establish whether the genes that are required for the formation of these "friendly" cells.
    The most remarkable achievement of the experts is that they can identify the signals in these cells, helper, which are responsible for the formation of HSC, after which they could be used in vitro for the creation of various blood cells to "fix" all types of diseases related to the blood.

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    Wednesday, 28 May 2014 10:30

    How and why to preserve stem cells?

    genatur stem cellStem cells are the progenitors of all tissues and organs in our body. They are versatile building material , without which our body could not grow and develop, or to recover from injuries and diseases.
    When expecting a baby , we are able to derive stem cells at birth.
    Stored under special conditions , they can keep their valuable properties for years, thus becoming an important resource for the future treatment of the child and his family.
    Two types of cells can be extracted at birth - hematopoietic ( blood from the umbilical cord ) and mesenchymal ( tissue from the umbilical cord ) . They are not interchangeable - the qualities and applications vary widely .
    Stem cells are used in medicine for more than half a century , the most popular example of such treatment is bone marrow transplantation.
    The cells from cord blood are very similar to those in the bone marrow , but they are superior in many respects - they have a higher potential , which allows the use of lower doses and less mature , thus making it possible to use them in a lower degree of compatibility and lowers the risk of rejection .
    Approved therapies is constantly growing in the last decade the number has doubled. Underway are hundreds of new trials as a basis for life-saving treatment of malignant blood diseases , medicine Pinning Hopes on these cells and diagnoses affecting quality of life, such as cerebral palsy and type 1 diabetes.
    Today there is still a large group of applications - that of regenerative medicine , one of the newest and fastest growing share of medical science that uses stem cells to restore its own tissues and organs of the patient.
    Cells stored at birth, can be used both for the child and family members , when a sufficient degree of compatibility. Six of the ten samples transplanted cord blood in the world are used to treat a sibling or parent. Complete matching antigens can be expected only in identical twins .
    In all other cases there is no 100% guarantee.
    Collection of blood and tissue from the umbilical cord to extract stem cells at birth is easy and painless procedure that poses no risk either to the mother or the baby.
    It is carried out by our own team of bank storage and does not violate the normal course of work on the midwifery team. The quantity of cells is different for every baby and reliable performance every step of the collection and laboratory processing of the sample is crucial for the quality of her
    It is necessary to make an informed choice by examining the procedures and conditions of the various banks. First you must make sure that the necessary registrations and licenses.
    Stem cell in the country are governed by detailed regulations and the right to perform them only have tissue banks with a valid authorization from the Executive Agency for Transplantation at the Ministry of Health.
    The financial side is often a major criterion for many families , so it is better to check whether all costs are included in the price .
    In our society there is an underlying view that the storage of umbilical stem cells is prohibitively expensive , boutique service units wealthy parents. Indeed, in the first years in which these services into Bulgaria , the cost of processing and storage for 20 years often was relatively much higher than the cost of similar services abroad. Today this is not so .

    Investment in reliable modern equipment , attracting a team of established professionals with experience and positive growth of competition significantly contributed to the ability to offer affordable and reasonable price for a really very specific and high-tech service.

    The ease of future parents, this service is offered at several possible financial schemes with 50% discount for the second twin , as well as a second contract with the bank.
    What is more important than the price , however , is the reliability of the process of making , transporting , testing, laboratory processing and storage of the cells. Significant advantage by banks that have terms to perform critical processing of cells -the-art technology with the shortest possible stay after birth.
    To ensure the security of storage throughout the term of the contract are necessary stkriktni systems for access control and temperature regime .
    Each banking cord blood can be used for therapy , whether private banking or extracted from public banks - the only requirement is a sufficient degree of histocompatibility . The advantage of private banking family in this case is that kinship transplants have shown better results than unrelated .
    It should be borne in mind that to a large extent histocompatibility complex indicates greater similarity in the same ethnic group . This means that in practice for patients from smaller ethnic groups such as Bulgarian is much more difficult to find a suitable donor in the big banks and donor pools.

    In need of autologous stem cell therapy umbilical cord only option is private banking family , as only this way the stored cells remain the exclusive property of the child and are available for future use. Reliable private stem cell banks have technological solutions and control systems using a risk of loss of the sample is minimized.
    Widely discussed disadvantage of private banking is that it is not free - in fact , however, the use of bone marrow donor is not free , nor extraction of stem cells from peripheral blood.

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    Infectious diseases caused by microbes . These are small organisms that are invisible to the naked eye , and " burst " in the body , in order to reproduce . The symptoms caused by the infection will depend on the location , the nature of the infection and the type of microbe .
    Gentaur virus VS bacteriaThe two main types of microbes are bacteria and viruses. Viruses are the smallest size of all germs. They can " attack " almost every living organism . Viruses used for the host of other organisms , such as man. This means that the virus invades a cell in the body and parts thereof used in order to reproduce .
    Thus produced hundreds of new viruses which can spread throughout the body. They can also infect new organisms. Viruses can not survive outside the host organism for long. Can live for several seconds to a few minutes after you leave .
    Bacteria are much larger size of viruses. They live almost everywhere , and many of them do not cause infections. Bacteria reproduce by division. If conditions are favorable - temperature, nutrient availability - some species can reproduce every 20 minutes.
    Intestines contain a large number of bacteria. Usually they do not cause problems. In many cases even useful - for example, there are bacteria that aid digestion. However , if the immune system is weak , may occur problems such as diarrhea , constipation or cramping.
    Viruses and bacteria can cause infection. Local infection leads to redness and swelling . The fabric may also become warm and painful. Typical symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection include fever , fatigue and weakness . Overall, the viral infection is simple and complaints subside on its own.
    It is difficult to destroy viruses. Specific medications have been developed that are aimed at specific types .
    Bacterial infections also usually resolves on its own. If this is not the case, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics.
    It is important to prevent the spread of germs. For this purpose good hygiene plays an important role .


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