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    Monday, 10 March 2014 13:46

    Speedy Breedy - a need for speed

    speedy breedy logo

    Speedy Breedy is an easy to use, compact portable, precision respirometer and monitor of microbial activity that has been designed for both industrial applications and lab research.

    Speedy Breedy can be used:

    Test raw ingredients and finished goods for contamination in beer and beverages
    Shorten the time for positive release in food processing
    Test for contamination in drinking water or process water in industrial applications
    Test for contamination in pharmaceutical, household and hygiene products
    Test effectiveness of decontamination processes following wet strip of all forms of equipment
    Test sterility of food and beverage packaging
    Identify the presence of bacteria in oil and paint
    Test potentially detrimental contaminants, growth and metabolic promoters or inhibitors
    Assist researchers to develop products and techniques where the presence or absence of bacteria needs to be understood, prevented or encouraged

    speedy large

    Speedy Breedy is a single (test versus control or aerobic plus anaerobic), or dual sample, two chamber instrument. Speedy Breedy maintains culture conditions within purpose designed, disposable culture vessels. Samples are inoculated into the culture vessel and Speedy Breedy closely controls growth conditions to a pre-determined protocol in order to facilitate rapid replication of cells or microbes.

    Speedy Breedy's robust, disposable 50 ml culture vessel eliminates the need for cleaning of potentially hazardous bottles. Culture vessels are provided sterile, empty or pre-filled with a range of dry media.

    Speedy Breedy can be used independently or connected to a PC. Using the PC users can design and download pre-determined protocols to Speedy Breedy and upload experimental results for analysis. Speedy Breedy also has a removable SD card for field research. Connecting Speedy Breedy to a PC enables data visualization so that users can monitor experiments in near real time.


    • - Two temperature-controlled testing chambers
    • - Purpose designed culture vessels with advanced mixing for optimised growth and detection of microbial activity
    • - Sealed, easy to populate culture chambers
    • - Suitable for use with a wide range of sample types
    • - Culture vessels come empty or pre-filled with a range of dry media
    • - Temperature controlled -5 below ambient to 44 degrees
    • - A highly sensitive, non-invasive detection system that delivers rapid results
    • - Barrier protected sensors for reliability and safety
    • - PC (Windows compatible) software that enables near real time visualisation of experiments when connected to Speedy Breedy
    • - Customised protocols designed off-line and downloaded to Speedy Breedy
    • - Can be used independently for field research or in the lab connected to a PC
    • - Enables visualisation of microbial activity in near real time
    • - Does not require a large capital investment
    • - Configurable to allow for comparative testing using a test vs. control protocol or two experiments
    • - Speedy Breedy's robust, disposable culture vessels eliminate the need for cleaning of potentially hazardous bottles
    • - On board 2GB SD card for experiment results storage
    • - USB connection

    • Software

    Speedy Breedy turns microbial activity into data. When Speedy Breedy is connected to a PC the experiment is visualised in near real time as a graph.

    Speedy Breedy comes pre-loaded with standard protocols that are designed to search for a "significant event";, that is when there is a significant pressure change in the headspace of the culture vessel, meaning there is microbial activity inside the culture chamber.

    Speedy Breedy's Windows compatible software is intuitive and easy to use. Customers can design their own protocols on the PC and download them to Speedy Breedy. Protocols enable the user to set the incubation temperature (between 5 below ambient and 44 degrees), vary the time pressure readings are taken and the speed at which the mixing paddles rotate inside the culture vessel.

    Experimental data can be uploaded from Speedy Breedy's SD card to the PC for archiving and further analysis.


    Speedy Breedy turns microbial activity into data

    Speedy Breedy turns microbial activity into data





    How Speedy Breedy Works

    Speedy Breedy is a portable, sensitive, precision respirometer which detects and monitors microbial activity. Detection of microbial activity is determined as a consequence of pressure transients relating to gaseous exchanges within a closed culture vessel of 50 ml working volume, as a result of microbial respiration.

    Samples are added to a culture vessel containing a suitable medium and where present, contaminating microorganisms begin to grow. Speedy Breedy has advanced mixing technology that homogenises the culture conditions for rapid growth of microbes and efficiently converts gaseous changes in the culture medium into pressure variances in the headspace, therefore allowing detection of pressure transients due to metabolic processes where microbes are present.

    Continuous data collected by the Speedy Breedy is analyzed in real time to provide pressure transients. Detection algorithms process these pressure transients to alert when significant changes have taken place.

    Speedy Breedy measures both positive and negative pressure meaning that monitoring can be performed on a range of microbial processes reacting to differing conditions within the culture chamber.


    Speedy Breedy turns microbial activity into data





    Speedy Breedy is extremely compact, weighing just 3.0 kilos it's portable and operates on 12 volts dc and mains adapters.

    - Weight of packaged unit (incl. Carry case, Power pack, 8 vessels, manual etc): 4.8kg
    - Height: 13.3cm
    - Width: 31cm
    - Depth: 11.2cm


    Product Quantity Price Order
    Speedy Breedy 1 5700 € Order
    Culture Vessel - Unfilled (Sterilised) 10x 110 € Order
    Culture Vessel - Filled (TSB) (Sterilised) 10x 150 € Order
    Culture Vessel - Filled (McC) (Sterilised) 10x 150 € Order


    From 8th to 31st of March GENTAUR’s ELISA kits of highest quality are with 30% discount!!!

    Cat. Product Old Price Promo Price Order
    CK-E94663 .Mouse aldosterone (ALD) ELISA Kit 615 € 430 € Order
    CK-E90283 90283Human Soluble CD163_sCD163_ ELISA Kit 615 € 430 € Order
    CK-E90006 ACTH ELISA Kit 615 € 430 € Order
    CK-E90364 Adiponectin Receptor 1 ELISA Kit 615 € 430 € Order
    CK-E94919 Aflatoxin albumin adduct Elisa kit 615 € 430 € Order
    CK-E95548 Aflatoxin albumin adduct Elisa kit 615 € 430 € Order
    CK-E90363 Aflatoxin albumin adduct Elisa kit 615 € 430 € Order
    CK-E90365 Aflatoxin Elisa Test kit 615 € 430 € Order
    CK-E90060 Aflatoxin,AFT ELISA Kit 615 € 430 € Order
    CK-E90010 AMPK ELISA Kit 615 € 430 € Order


    Click here to see more products from the promotion


    Diagnostic BioSystems CC-Mount Aqueous Permanent Mounting Medium

    High quality aqueous mounting medium with very high refractive index, which can be used to store stained tissue specimens permanently without the fading of chromogen stains.

    CC/Mount Advantages:

    - No coverslip required
    - No exposure to the organic fumes
    - Ensures permanent storage of slides
    - Compatible with wide range chromogens like AEC, DAB, Fast Red, BCIP/NBT, BCIP/INT and fluorescent dyes like FITC and phycobiliproteins
    - High pH ensures increased stability of fluorescence

    Catalog No. Product Datasheet
    K 002 CC/Mount Ready To Use 30 ml
    K 002-200 CC/Mount Ready To Use 200 ml

    Wednesday, 26 February 2014 16:52

    ProtoGel promotion

    EC895R-gentaurProtoGel is a stabilized ready-to-use, 30% (w/v) acrylamide solution, with the cross-linker, methylene bisacrylamide (37.5:1 ratio), in distilled/deionized water. ProtoGel results in the same polyacrylamide gels that you are now accustomed to preparing, because it is identical to your own solutions. With ProtoGel, you can now prepare the same gel faster, easier, safer, and more reliably. All you need to do is pour and use.

    ProtoGel Buffer (sieving gel buffer) and ProtoGel Stacking Buffer compliment ProtoGel by providing ready-to-use solutions of non-monomeric components. By using ProtoGel Buffer and ProtoGel Stacking Buffer, all you need to add is ammonium persulfate and TEMED to complete the preparation of SDS-PAGE separating and stacking gels. ProtoGel Buffer and ProtoGel Stacking Buffer are designed as optional replacements for the additional solid components usually required when preparing ProtoGel. ProtoGel Buffer can be used to prepare any percentage gel desired.

    Cat. № Product Quantity Price
    EC-852-1L  ACCUGEL 29:1 LITRE 84 €
    EC-870-4L SDS PAGE TANK BUFFER( 10X) 4 LITRE  84 €
    EC-874-450ML  ULTRA PURE 20% SDS SOLUTION 450ML  77 €
    EC-880-4L  TRIS-GLYCINE EB BUFFER (10X) 4 LITRE 92 €
    EC-886-KIT 2X SAMPLE BUFFER BLUE 1 x 10ML 10 X 1 ML 50 €
    EC-890-1L PROTOGEL LITRE (&450ml) 113 €

    Auto Stainer We have What you need for staining

    GRAM & ACID FAST BACILLI(Fluorochrome,Ziehl-Neelsen,Kinyoun)

    The Gentaur's Auto Stainer provides fast and easy staining process by automated system control. This new innovated stainer features advanced functions and performances over manual staining or automated dip-type stainers, include simplicity and convenience.

    • Mode 
      AT-2000G GRAM Auto Stainer(10 slides in 10 minutes)
      AT-2000F ACID FAST Bacilli(Fluorochrome) Auto Stainer(10 slides in 17 minutes)
      AT-2000Z ACID FAST Bacilli(Ziehl-Neelsen) Auto Stainer(10 slides in 12 minutes)
      AT-2000K ACID FAST Bacilli(Kinyoun) Auto Stainer(10 slides in 15 minutes)
    • No cross-contamination in all of process.
    • Reduction in labor costs.
    • Heating system to fix sputum smear on a slide automatically.
    • Self cleaning system to clean tray and Staining nozzles.
    • Checking and Warning for lower level of reagents.
    • Minimize personal variation during AFB staining.


    Features of Auto Stainer

    Heating system for Ziehl-Neelsen hot staining method
    Auto Stainer, the heating function was built in to fix sputum smear on a slide automatically and to stain it with heating. Temperature in the tray can be controlled. Duration and level of temperature can be preprogrammed.

    No Cross Contamination
    Is available to apply fresh reagent on slides mounted in a rotating tray by atomized nozzle. Specimens contact only fresh, precisely metered stain from separate nozzles.

    Just need to select desired stain setting and start the staining cycle. All of staining process can be controlled by control program. It provides consistent reproducibility by controlling all phase of Stain cycle precisely.

    Self Cleaning and Reagent level monitoring
    Designed to remove "Clog of nozzle" by the debris of reagents and to clean Tray, Nozzle, Pump and Valve easily. The reagent level monitoring function assures to remove wrong stain by lower level of reagent.

    Accurate and precison Stain
    Can be used by simple operation and it can be available to obtain accurate and precision stain.

    Staining Results

    GRAM(x 1000)
    Ziehl-Neelsen(x 1000)
    Kinyoun(x 1000)

    Technical Specification

    Slide Carousel Capacity
    1 slides ~ 10slides
    Carousel Rotation Speed
    200RPM Approx
    4 Line by 20 character alpha-numeric LCD dot-matrix
    Key Button Controls
    6 Mode Key(Stain, Prime, Clean, Dry, Reset, Slide up/down)
    6 Function selection
    Used Reagent/
    Crystal Violet : 2ml
    Gram-lodine : 2ml
    Acetone Alcohol : 2ml
    Safranine : 2ml
    Auramine/Rhodamine: 4ml
    Acetone Alcohol: 4ml
    Potassium Permanganate: 4ml
    Methylene Blue : 4ml
    Carbol-Fuchsin : 4ml
    3%HCl : 4ml
    1 Cycle Stain Time
    10 slides in 
    10 minutes
    10 slides in 
    17 minutes
    10 slides in
    12 minutes(AT-2000Z)
    15 minutes(AT-2000K)
    480(W) x 445(D) x 265(H) mm
    Clearance Height(Lid open)
    Max. 565 mm (Open door)
    Approx. 20 kg
    230 /115VAC(user selectable) @50 to 60
    Power Consumption
    40 Watts , 800 Watts(AT-2000Z, Heating)
    Drain Connection
    Nipple on rear Panel
    Lid interlock : Lid must be closed, and is locked down during operation

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    Using PureEXO kits is much more productive than ultracentrifugation, in terms of both purity and yeild. When extracting exosomal RNA, the PureExo kit produces nearly 4 times better results than the standart ultracentifugation protocols. This was proven using the NanoDrop 8000 spectrophotometer.

    grafika ENG

    PureExo kits are not only cheaper, but also superior to other currently available kits: it guarantees 95% exosome purity and the exosomes themselves are homogeneous, spherical and intact. No more will you have to endure the countless sizes, irregular shapes and the overly damaged exosomes that other kits eventually cause.

    The purity of the yield is verified by Exosomal protein marker, which enhances the accuracy and sensitivity to detect biomarkers carried by exosomes.

    Two verions of kits are available:

    dying bitches

    Product name : Brucella canis, Dog Brucellosis, Dog anti-, Positive Control
    Catalog number : YV0126-1
    Quantity: 1 ml.

    Price: 88 €

     More: Brucella

    PDF-IconDownload datasheet


    Friday, 07 February 2014 12:56

    iStir Uno/Penta Motorless - Magnetic Stirrer


    • Variable speed setting (15 to 1500 rpm) with indicator

    • No moving parts – maintenance free long life

    • The slimmest Stirrers (12 mm)

    • Capacity 800 ml - set up place diameter 100 mm. - suitable for stirrer bar of upto 25 mm length

    • Pulse mode feature – changes direction for proper mixing

    • Individual control & sync mode option (Penta)

    • SS top to fight corrosion and IP 64 complaint design

    Price: 320 €

    Order: iStir Uno Motorless - Magnetic Stirrer

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    Friday, 07 February 2014 11:19

    iShak Uno/Uno VT Personal Microplate Shaker


    •Smallest footprint – just the size of the micro plate

    •Even mixing across plate with 2 mm orbital diameter

    •Speed range 200 to 1500 rpm (Max 1500 rpm)

    • 2 versions: Variable Speed and Speed & Time setting version

    • Changeable clamps to suit different types of plates

    • Inbuilt counter balance for stable operation

    •Remote operation (via USB) & data logger (VT)

    • Universal Power supply (100 t0 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz)

    • Dimensions: 127 x 85 x 86 mm – Weight : 1.4 kg

    Price: 300 / 319 €

    Order: iShak Uno Personal Microplate Shaker / iShak Uno VT Personal Microplate Shaker

    More Shakers

    • Microprocessor controlled with last run memory function

    • Large back-lit LCD display for easy reading of multiple parameters

    • Brushless DC motor – Maintenance free, delivers better power/weight ratio and fit for extended runs

    • Imbalance Detection with auto cut off – user can set accuracy level

    • Lid lock safety during operation – Lid opens automatically on run completion

    • Intuitive simple interface for quick and convenient setting

    • 1-999 Mins countdown timer with Min Sec display

    • One touch Short Spin operation

    • USB port for remote terminal control capability & data logger feature

    • User Programmable (user can set upto 99 programs of 4 lines each as per run requirements)

    • Better airflow design ensures lesser heat generation and less noise

    • Small footprint saves valuable bench space suitable for use in hoods or cold Rooms


    iFuge M12P

    Rotor Capacity

    12 place Closed Rotor with

    Metal safety Lid

    Maximum RPM/RCF



    Larg back-lit LCD disply

    Imbalance Detection

    Adjustable Imbalance Detection With auto cut off

    Noise Level

    < 60 db

    Motor Type

    (BLDC) Brushless DC motor

    Remote Operation

    Yes,Operte & Save logs by connecting to computer

    Time Setting

    1-999 Mins Timer

    Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm

    230 x 262 x 131

    Rotors and Adaptors

    (included in standard pack)

    12place x 1.5/2.0ml


    Reduction adaptors For 0.2ml microtubes


    Reduction adaptors For 0.4/0.5ml microtubes


    PCR Strip Rotor (2x8x0.2 ml With Metal safety lid)

    Optinal Rotors



    Download ebrochure for M12/M18P

    Price: 833 €

    Order: iFuge M12P

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